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We design and manufacture high-quality valves meeting the ever demanding customer requirements. Custom made valves from hard to obtain en special materials. We produce valves within a very short delivery time (fast track). Contact our inquiry department so we can send you our offer.

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We guarantee high quality valves conforming to the most international standards. Our manufacturing is done under an ISO 9001 quality system in our own factory. We only produce the highest quality and reliability available. We provide total dedication to the best quality, service and price.

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We deliver high quality valves with the shortest possible delivery time (fast track). We guarantee our delivery time. If needed including 3rd party inspection and valves with special painting procedures. Please send us your product specifications and we offer you the shortest delivery time.

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Malika Valve in the Netherlands

Malika Valve B.V. established in 2012, is a Dutch manufacturing company of hard to obtain valves and specials in a wide range of quality materials. We design and manufacture high-quality valves meeting the ever demanding customer requirements in our factory in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands. In addition to valves, we also produce installation services.

We do not keep standard stock. Our prime objective being key project supplier to local and international engineering and contracting companies and end users in accordance with the requirements of Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and other related industries like Cryogenics and LNG or other clients specific needs. Read more about us

During the process we keep in constant contact with your company and we give expert advice on the latest developments in this particular field. With years of experience you can trust your needs to be met in a professional way.We produce your valves within a very short delivery time (fast track). See our machinery


Custom made valves within a very short delivery time


We specialise in the design and production of valves engineered to meet our customer requirements. We have the ability to manufacture valves from start to finish in our own factory which allows for extremely fast turnaround when required.

Expert in valve manufacture

High Performance Valve Production Facility

Malika Valves is a young and modern manufacturer specialized in standard with high quality and customized valves for the Oil & Gas Industries, Chemical and Petrochemical, both on-shore and off-shore.

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Full range of tailor made valves

We offer a full range of valves in a wide range of materials for even more demanding conditions and customer requirements. Our quality products operate at extremes of temperature, pressure and water depths.

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Valves made by skilled people and the best new machinery

We ensure that we are using the latest techniques, advanced technology and specialized equipment. With our knowledge of design, engineering and manufacturing we meet all your requirements.

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